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Tarpon Fishing In The Florida Gulf

Tarpon fishing is by far the most popular fish to pursue in the springtime here in Florida. Tarpon fishing is the best way for a novice angler to catch a large fish. Tarpon fishing is becoming more and more popular and as such, it gets ever increasingly more difficult to source and secure good tarpon fishing grounds. Tarpon fishing is somewhat seasonal since the tarpon is a migratory species.


Tarpon are one of the largest game fish that roam the shallow flats. Tarpon grow very large and are plentiful. Tarpon are long-lived species that can grow incredibly large.

Tarpon fishing has turned into an obsession with anglers who plan their whole year’s schedule around the tarpon season and tarpon runs. Tarpon take a wide variety of baits, lures and flies. Tarpon have a mouth with similar texture and consistancy to a cinder block so set that hook hard.

Boca Grande

GROUND ZERO for tarpon fishing is Boca Grande Pass on the West coast of Florida. While Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing is widely renown, you are often fishing amongst 30+ other boats in a small area, often cutting each other off while battling a fish. Boca Grande has become a very popular place to fish during this time of the year.

Regardless of their lack of food use, tarpon fishing is a huge recreational sport for fishermen. At the risk of sounding simplistic, tarpon fishing is as easy as it gets. If you want fun, excitement, and the challenge of catching a large fish on light tackle, Tarpon fishing is for you.

Captain Tony Di Sarro is a full time sport fishing charter guide, who is fluent in both Spanish and Italian. He has fished Florida’s West Coast in Naples since 1973. For more information on Offshore, Wreck & Reef Fishing visit Captain Tony DiSarro at Tandem Charters.com or call 239-250-5091.

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