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Tapping away your problems

TFT (Thought Field Therapy) is made by Roger Callahan and recently, Paul McKenna have been through this pioneering process to improve his success with treating fears, phobias and cravings. The easy and easy method has the shopper tapping acupressure points, that can help eliminate negative and psychological and emotional issues.
Angela Page of Page Therapy has successfully qualified to roughly Diagnostic Level and will help of those with more difficult issues surrounding their life.
TFT using Voice Technology (VT) is yet another powerful tool, have a look at head over to Voice Technology above.
How do TFT that helped me to?
TFT has estimated to be extremely successful in treating FEARS, PHOBIAS, ANXIETY, TRAUMA, (PTSD), OCD, PHYSICAL PAIN, and many other emotional problems could very well be life limiting, stifle personal performance, and represent barriers to healing.

Is TFT related in any respect to hypnosis?
There isn’t really relationship or similarity between hypnosis and TFT, you don’t even have to believe the treatment to help you TFT! It repeatedly surprises sceptics who do not ‘believe in’ TFT, simply as antibiotics will not depend on the belief of your companion taking them turn out to be effective.

Exactly what goes on throughout a TFT Treatment?
For certain i will instruct that you tap an essential of pre-determined points on our bodies in a very precise order, whilst you think about the problem. Typically, a serious reduction of the situation results.

Is TFT suitable for other kinds of therapies?
Yes, Thought Field Healing is an amazing addition to any therapeutic plan or regimen plus functions well as a general stand alone therapy. How effective is TFT?
TFT is NOT a band-aid therapy. It offers a superior real, measurable, and permanent reduced a wide variety of problems. It was named ‘The Power Therapy of one’s 21st Century’ because of its high identify effectiveness. One of the most common phobias and fears can be completely eliminated in five minutes or less! Which isn’t to share that each problem responds as quicly. Some problems require repeated treatments and corresponding shifts in lifestyle. However, most clients experience an essential improvement for the downside to the most important session.
Imagine the condition comes back?
Occasionally, a situation which includes yielded successfully to treatment will recur. If this happens, call me, merely will I have the ability to successfully treat the challenge again but will also be able to start to eliminate determining WHY it returned. Could be somebody Energy Toxin (IET) whenever the most suitable reason may be determined, choosing a simple matter to take out it permanently.

How do I understand that my therapist is qualified to use TFT to me?
It’s critical how the therapist is really an an affiliate the ATFT or BTFTA, Angela Page is often a part of both, and also therapist will need to have certificates signed by an ATFT approved trainer. I was lucky enough to do my training with Kevin Laye after which it my Diagnostic training with Roger Callahan.

Contact Angel Page through her website www.pagetherapy.co.uk Angela is capable of having skype sessions with clients internationally.

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