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Social Bookmarking Secrets: Use BookmarkingDemon to Establish Plenty of Backlinks and Targeted Traffic

Any online marketer worth their salt knows that the three most essential aspects of Internet marketing are: traffic, traffic and more traffic. Social bookmarking has been one of those constant, tested and true techniques of creating targeted traffic and quality backlinks. BookmarkingDemon social bookmarking tool is the secret weapon that will save you the time and effort it takes to use social bookmarking to its fullest ability.

Why should I center on social bookmarking? What’s so great about it? I’m glad you asked. Social bookmarking sites are a mass of links posted by users who have thought them to be useful and want to keep them handy for when they wish to visit that site again. They also want to share these cool sites that they have found with other users who share their interests. These sites are a massive group of links carefully categorized and termed with keywords (called tags), which allows both people and search engines to locate them fast.

The efficacy of social bookmarking lies in the sharing of categorized links. Search engines want to return results that match up with the search terms users type in to the search bar. Social bookmarking sites tend to be high page rank authority sites, so the search engines love them. When your URL is posted on a high page rank site that gets a lot of organic search engine traffic it makes it simpler for visitors to locate your link and visit your site, but just having that backlink out there is sending ‘link juice’ back to your site and boosting your profile in the search engines.

So, not only do you get higher search engine rankings, you also get your sites indexed faster when you regularly use social bookmarking for link building.

Sounds good, you say, so what’s the catch? Social bookmarking is a powerful course of action to establish targeted traffic and backlinks, but it is labor intensive, boring and repetitive to do.

You see, there are fundamentally two ways you will pay for traffic generation: with your time or with your money. But you don’t have to refer to to losing your shirt experimenting with all of those paid traffic approaches when you can tackle a tool like bookmarking demon. In order to bring about more in less time you’ve got to come up with efficient ways to leverage your time. A tool like BookmarkingDemon will be working away in the background while you use your precious time and energy concetrating on your high value, revenue making tasks.

Without a productivity tool such as BookmarkingDemon, you would be spending your days generating profiles and submitting your links. But you’ve got to be careful about posting too many links at a time so that you don’t risk getting your IP banned, and you also risk losing your mind from complete boredom at the repetitive tasks!

So, the best method to save your time, and energy while getting more, targeted traffic, and backlinks is to try a smart, automated tool like BookmarkingDemon that will exponentially increase your effectiveness.

When you are ready to stop wasting your time doing social bookmarking tediously by hand you’ll want to visit, BookmarkingDemon and check out the Internet Marketing productivity tool that will transform your life-BookmarkingDemon.

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