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SniperSpy 7 Review

Retina-X Studios is definitely the producer of our fourth position monitoring application SniperSpy. The company implements cutting-edge programming methods and strives to offer revolutionary surveillance application solutions to their consumers. SniperSpy is legal remote spy software. Retina-X Studios does not help, sanction or inspire the use of SniperSpy for unlawful functions.

SniperSpy arrives loaded with various robust and customizable surveillance characteristics. The set up with the app is quick and uncomplicated. Even starting laptop or computer people can deploy the surveillance software program without trouble. The spy application walks the personal computer administrator by way of the app’s set up. Setup includes the era of an executable module in which the personal computer admin chooses simple monitoring settings. Alternatives include alerting all users of their monitored status or jogging the app in stealth (hidden) mode.

Deployment on the app can happen remotely by way of an e-mail attachment or by physically accessing the focus on pc. Clicking for the produced executable module begins the silent installation from the monitoring computer software. As soon as set up is comprehensive, the personal computer administrator can remotely spy within the monitored-computer from any internet-connected PC.

SniperSpy’s web-based user interface may make getting rid of the monitoring program is a simple task. As soon as uninstalled, the computer surveillance procedure ends and no remnant from the spy computer software can load in to the PC’s operating technique.

On the web Monitoring:
SniperSpy monitoring software captures and logs all visited internet sites, on line searches, social networking activities, the viewing of web-based pornography, on line gambling and gaming activities. Supported browsers consist of Net Explorer and Firefox.

The app’s keylogger can log and retail outlet account IDs, usernames, passwords, on line shopping and banking transactions. It’s regrettable that the monitoring application cannot capture the contents of electronic mail correspondences that happen via POP3 shoppers and webmail. Nonetheless, this omission is relatively prevail over with the app’s robust keylogger and screenshot parts. With all the mixture of those features, the surveillance software program can report sent e mail. The screenshot attribute can seize snapshots of MySpace, Facebook, webmail and video chat.

Also absent from this otherwise excellent program could be the capability to track electronic mail attachments and their contents. Probably in long run model releases Retina-X Studios will consider which includes these lacking capabilities.

The monitoring computer software has potent chat monitoring capabilities. SniperSpy can seize both sides of chat and IM conversations. Supported clients involve Google Discuss, Yahoo IM, Windows Live plus much more.

PC Monitoring & Admin:
Elevating SniperSpy past the majority in the monitoring computer software competition is definitely the app’s advanced and progressive PC surveillance and remote administration capabilities. SniperSpy’s web-based LIVE Control Panel gives the PC admin the power to issue remote commands that can restart the monitored computer system, freeze the user’s mouse or log the consumer off the machine. The monitoring software’s LIVE Control Panel also arrives equipped with a Real Time Screen Viewer. With this aspect, the pc admin can watch the remote PC’s display as if it were a television. Other remote PC monitoring capabilities involve the ability to view active processes, file browsing, file searching and viewing launched applications.

The monitoring software’s capability of sending a discreet message from the computer owner to the monitored person is very practical. This function can prove extremely useful for parents who desire to warn or discipline their children for questionable on the web things to do.

A function seldom seen in other surveillance program will be the capability to perform IP location mapping. PC owners can learn the geographical location of their laptops. This attribute is extremely helpful for owners who have traveling family members or children who are away at school. It can also help when attempting to recover a stolen machine.

Filtering & Blocking:
Designed only for remote computer monitoring, SniperSpy won’t have filtering and blocking capabilities. SniperSpy excels at gathering data regarding an user’s online actions. Personal computer administrators can’t prevent monitored people from engaging in questionable PC and on line things to do.

Certainly Retina-X Studios will integrate some type of filtering and blocking capabilities in a future edition release of SniperSpy. If this occurs, the spy software package could surpass and overwhelm all of your competition in our review of monitoring computer software. At present, end users must settle for SniperSpy’s excellence as a pure laptop or computer monitoring solution.

SniperSpy’s web-based person interface implements a secure https connection for the viewing of all collected data. SniperSpy monitoring program can generate a bar chart for Websites Visited, Applications Used, Windows Used, IM Activity and On line Searches. This well-designed graphical display assists the personal computer administrator together with the interpretation from the gathered information.

The surveillance software’s LIVE Control Panel has a dedicated area for the viewing of logs that contained the gather information from the monitored pc. The Log Viewers are equipped with multiple capabilities and built-in reports. These include things like Top 10 Reports, Screenshot Logs, Keystroke Logs, Application Logs, App Usage Logs, File Change Logs and a variety of chat logs.

The Tools/Utilities area helps the administrator perform a variety of tasks. These include things like Browsing Uploaded Files, Program Information, Search All Logs, Fetch Pending Logs, Uninstall SniperSpy and much extra.

SniperSpy is usually a pure and robust monitoring software program solution. The app can keep a computer administrator informed about the routines of all monitored users. The spy software package has no filtering and blocking capabilities. Probably the manufacturer will add these omitted functions in a potential version release. Until that occurs, personal computer owners who desire to filter and block an user’s undesirable on line behavior, rather than just monitor it, may want to evaluate other surveillance applications.

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