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Skin Discoloration Cream

It never fails. Skin discoloration can come from many different sources, but it is most likely caused by simple melanin hyper pigmentation. These melanin based skin discolorations are caused primarily by the skin’s sensitivity to exposure to the sun, and they are what is responsible for both freckles, and age spots that appear on the skin. Freckles are acceptable to people, but everyone wants to rid their skin of age spots.

Most people develop freckles from the time that they are very young, but skin discoloration known as age, or liver spots usually begin to develop after a person hits 40. They are more prone to show up in areas that have received the most exposure to the sun such as the hands, face, shoulders, arms, and the forehead area. These spots develop because as we get older our skin is less able to regenerate from sun exposure.

Although the vast majority of these skin discolorations the age spots pose no risk to the person that develops them and so no treatment is necessary. These spots have in some cases been known to obscure the detection of skin cancer, and so many people want to rid themselves of these spots for that reason. Most people however just want to remove them because they consider them unsightly.

A lot of people choose either laser removal, or peels to rid themselves of skin discoloration, but both treatments can have their drawbacks as the results that you get from these treatments are not always consistent. Many find that they get more consistent results through the use of the many topical ointments that are designed to remove discoloration, but you have to be careful with some of them due to the ingredients used.

Some of the ingredients commonly used in products to remove skin discolorations are either toxic to humans, or are carcinogenic. Two of the more popular of these are mercury (ii) chloride which is one of the more toxic forms of mercury, and hydroquinone which has been banned from use in cosmetics in many European countries due to the fact that there is such a high cancer risk involved with its use.

You need to avoid skin discoloration products that contain chemicals as the main ingredient, because many times the cosmetics companies use ingredients without knowing what the long term consequences of absorbing them into the skin are.

The best bet for you is to find a product that contains only all natural ingredients in it. This includes the whitening agent that is being used.

Extrapone Nutgrass is without a doubt the best natural ingredient for alleviating skin discolorations. This ingredient is absolutely safe for you to use for the purpose of whitening your skin, and it is extremely effective. It can be found in the anti aging skin care products of a cosmetics company that is based in New Zealand who’s products also give you the added bonus of elevating your production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

Make no mistake about it; with the use of these products you can remove skin discoloration, and get so much more.

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