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SHOX shoes slip is very good

SHOX technology an attractive aspect is that it can be adjusted to the specific sport or even specific to the needs of athletes, its future is very exciting mei0909mei0704. TPU is attached to SHOX cylindrical above (thermal plastic polyurethane rubber) followed by, SHOX cylindrical while dispersing impact it provides heel supportWomens nike shox Torch white red. SHOX is to use high density PU foam column instead of a real spring. It can absorb impact energy and convert it into kinetic energy. SHOX shoes slip is very good, this is due to strong SHOX gas column was placed in the outer most edge at the end, according to the principle of lever, side impact at the moment = column connection of moment of force, but the long arm at the connection, so the force on the small, side slip not dragging its feet. Elastic slow earthquakes in November 2003 a formal system is NIKE SHOX sneakers to the global launch of the latest technologies, Marathon study it after 16 years, while sports shoes are shoes NIKE SHOX series after a maximum amount of time in the history of development and the most stringent test products. Elastic slow earthquake followed by a Department column shape design inspiration from the rocket booster. NIKESHOX column elastic slow earthquakes are not common materials, wear resistance loss but a high-tech foam high elasticity of the material, mainly used in the past formula one chassis suspension system. These shock-elastic slow columns like a trampoline. “The whereabouts of impact energy absorption and control, and quickly pushed up against.But the disadvantage is difficult to feel lighter weight athletes, at the same time problems due to its hardness, were widely questioned. Hope of help to you.

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