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Shopping Tips For Shaggy Rugs

If you want to add a fun and funky look to your home, then this guide can help with some practical tips. Shaggy rugs are a great way to add color, texture and warmth to a living space. Read on for some tips on where to shop and how to use this item in your interior design scheme.

Among the most popular places to find this kind of accessory is a home wares store which offers a variety of designer accessories to personalize your home. This type of store may have a show room which allows customers to peruse a variety of styles and price ranges. Keep alert to end of season sales which could be a chance to accessorize your home with a discounted rug.

Another possible place to shop is with an independent retail store run by a designer. This gives you the opportunity to find an item that is one of a kind and makes a strong statement. You might even decide to have an item commissioned by the designer. This could give you the chance to choose from a variety of colors, sizes and shapes.

As usual, it is very important to be a smart and safe consumer, a point which is sadly all too often overlooked. Thus you should carefully check that any products you are considering are safe, high quality and reputable. The same rule applies to companies and sellers. Looking after yourself as a shopper is a very important rule.

Another venue for shopping for a rug is a department store which may have a whole section devoted to this product. Seeing the items on display may give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for how to decorate your home. As well, this type of store may provide you with examples of harder to find brands and designs.

Yet another avenue where you can find this sort of accessory is a rug store. It is dedicated to rugs and therefore is likely to have a wide selection of colors, sizes and textures. You may find a number of options for rug stores in your area by looking in a telephone directory.

Style tips are varies when it comes to decorating with rugs but some easy to follow tips are a good starting point. A living room is given a strong style accent with a bold colored rug. Besides the graphic shades of black and white, you can find a variety of more subtle colors.

Pattern can also add lots of interest and you might be surprised to find there are many new designs in patterned as well as solid colors. This can attract the eye and provide a sense of play. Remember that checking carefully that your rug fits in with you color scheme is important to save you from having to return it. For more handy hints on this topic thankfully there are many free or low cost guides to help. Look online for related articles as well as design blogs which often include practical information. Some also have forums for readers where ideas and information can be exchanged.

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