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Several rogue looked

at each other, heart some hairy, tall body that tigers are out there, even if he is flushed, still a bit reluctant to let them.
Young Tigers side in a timely manner, with the usual courteous smile, said: “Several big brother, have something to say, have something to say, do not curse you an animal is it? Before you bully someone else Oh, it would be evened out, or else this thing on such calculations, the line does not? ”
Rattus eyes that saw young people wearing the clothes look sparring please smile, and immediately a little courage strong, not for a moment how the Tigers, but this is not so many young people think twice, from the arms to pandora canada work out a steel, tapping in a few hands, squinting said: “You fucking are?”
“My name is horse six!” Young silly smile.
“Ma six? Horse cow?” Rattus laughed: “To put it touches light, what sort?”
Six horses chuckled, it seems a bit surprised, but no trace of fear in the eyes, smiled and said: “Suanbu Le? That anything you now!” With that, a few steps back, the attitude is completely an outsider, which makes some of the original thought he was a hero to save the U.S. big boys in the heart of one of his BS, but think carefully, young people usually fall in line with the style and character.
I curse the sound of Rattus Diao hair, six horses are not angry, although the flash of the eyes Lise, but still maintained a share of a smile, just smile less of humility, become more interesting.


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