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Reasons to Opt for Domestic Adoption

With the rising prominence of international adoptions, both in celebrity culture and in the wider media, individuals and families are expanding their searches to include children born outside the United States. However, domestic adoption has many benefits for couples and individuals that international adoptions simply cannot give. There is a lot more freedom to pursue open or closed adoptions domestically, as well as choosing to go through an agency, facilitator or independently.

Choosing to adopt a child from within ones own country is far more financially feasible for many couples, particularly those who are operating on a fixed budget. Child rearing requires a great deal of financial stability and responsibility, but the process of adopting from international sources can prove too costly for even the most fiscally sound adoptive parents. Not only does domestic adoption have a lower cost in general, including transportation costs, but domestic adoptions can also garner access to federal and state financial aid. Parents are encouraged to seek adoption within their own country, in order to prevent children from spending too much time in the foster care system. Due to this encouragement, adopting domestically allows parents to have greater flexibility and adoption support than one might find internationally.

The flexibility in a domestic adoption refers to both the pathways to adoption and the requirements for adoption. Through domestic adoptions, parents have the option of going through an independent adoption process, perhaps with the aid of a facilitator. This would be an ideal path for those who wish to undertake the process with a great deal of discretion, and feel confident enough to handle the ins and outs of the process, both legally and emotionally. There is also the option of going through an agency that deals with most the birth mothers and adoptive parents, overseeing the process and making the arrangements. This path is ideal for mothers who require some guidance and assistance throughout the process; support is given when needed, and they ensure that the right match is found.

With an agency on ones side, domestic adoption can be far more manageable for both parties; the adoptive mother can feel confident that her child is going to a well matched home that has the support of an experienced organization.  This also leaves room for either an open or a closed adoption, whereby the parents can choose what amount of contact the birth mother and adoptive child will have with each other after the adoption is finalized. Often with international adoptions, this option does not exist, and closed adoptions are the norm; this can cause a great deal of future emotional turmoil on the side of the child, who may feel alienated from the culture of their biological parents.

If considering a domestic adoption, take the time to research which options work best for you and the future child; domestic adoptions allow for a great deal of flexibility and choice, and are ideal for supporting healthy generations of children to come. Consider seeking out the help of a qualified adoption agency while undergoing this process, as their resources and support networks can prove immensely helpful throughout and after the adoption process.

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