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Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses for the Celebs Only?

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses – part of your work clothes?

Ray Ban Aviators sunglasses are a hot ticket item in the sunglasses line nowadays, thanks in part to Hollywood stars taking a liking to them, but they had been originally created for use inside a perform environment having a distinct goal. This lens requires a look in the scoop on Ray Ban aviator sunglasses.

Ray Ban aviator sunglasses – Celebrity Style

Top rated 10 celebrities that have been noticed wearing

Ray Ban aviators

Ray Ban aviator sunglasses are a hit with celebrities and happen to be for some time. Don’t forget Tom Cruise in Top rated Gun? They have extended been a preferred of Hollywood’s stars. Here is really a top ten list we’ve composed of celebrities that have been spotted wearing the ray Ban aviators. If you disagree, leave your leading 10 in a comment.

1. Angelina Jolie

2. Brad Pitt

three. Lindsay Lohan

4. Drew Barrymore

five. Nicole Richie

six. Gwyneth Paltrow

7. Kate Hudson

8. Mario Lopez

9. Jennifer Aniston

10. Kate Moss

Ray Ban Aviator Background

Who Knows When & Why Ray Ban Created Aviator Sunglasses?

Ray Ban Sunglasses may be a hip thing to have this summer and the Hollywood stars are sure to be spotted in them most any day, but do you know where Ray Ban aviator sunglasses started? Back in 1936 Bausch and Lomb delivered the first pair of Ray Ban aviator sunglasses as a result of a request from the US government to produce a pair of sunglasses for the air force pilots that would reduce the glare they experienced while flying air force planes. They had been tear drop shaped and the lens was 3 times the eye socket to help reduce glare from any angle, though now you can even find small Ray Ban aviator sunglasses. They also utilized a new technology that we refer to today as “polarized”.

Air Force pilots were not the only ones to use these sunglasses. The other branches of the military requested them for their men and some famous photos of military generals, including one of Douglas MacArthur, have included a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer. They are also commonly observed on our policemen, firemen, among others in public prominence.

What is Polarization in Sunglasses?

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses Was One of the First to Use Polarization

So aside from wanting some Ray Ban aviators because everyone in Hollywood and the military wears them, they are a very practical and great pair of sunglasses. The Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses utilize a technology that we call polarization. What this in essence means for you is that there is a filter that is a part of the lens that blocks those nasty reflection glares from the snow, water, the car in front of you or even your own hood.

On a little more technical side, polarized lenses only allow light that is reflected at a certain angle. Most polarized sunglasses, including the Ray Ban UK‘s, are aligned to let only light that is reflected vertically. this means that light that is reflected horizontally is blocked. That is why they can block those blinding glares available from bright surfaces on a bright sunny day.

Polarization Video Demonstration

See how polarization works using a camcorder polarized lens

This video helps guide you a polarized camcorder lens works. This is similar in nature to Ray Ban aviator sunglasses that are polarized to block excessive glare. Watch closely inside the mirror. It is reflecting a bookshelf with books within the beginning and then polarized lens is added and he shows you what happens when he effectively turns that lens “on” as we say by turning it at the optimal angle to block glare. On camcorders they can rotate polarized lenses to get the effect that they want, whereas in your polarized sunglasses, you cannot. They are always in an “on” position to find the best glare reduction.

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