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Pocket Folders 101

Pocket folders come in different forms but with one use – to house papers with important information.  Like any Media form, pocket folders are important to craft professionally because it reflects you so make sure you do it well.  Here are a few things you must know and remember in creating pocket folders:

1. Folder type
The folder type depends heavily on your printers so be sure to have a company that can give you a lot of choices. Thickness, board type and color should be dependent on your need and budget so be sure to discuss this with your printer as well.

2. Pockets
There are several pocket choices that are available, whether you like pockets on the side or at the lower part of the folder, it will make sense if you have a general idea for its use.  There are several ways pockets are cut – Diagonally, straight, rounded or slash (a higher cut from the top compared from the diagonal pocket).

3. Slits
You can have slits done in your pockets so you can insert whatever you like which most often than not is a business card.  Slits vary like pockets too; you have the choice of having two slits or four or even rounded slits.

4. Folder Size
Sizes differ from whatever you need. Are you expecting to use it for a regular sized paper? A half sized or very odd shaped paper?  If you will be using several sizes make sure to get the folder that could fit the biggest and the widest paper you will be using.

5. Quantity Need
Are you expecting to make use of the folders for a quite a while? Do you want to use it just this one time and expect to be changing it soon? Your need, budget and quality choice will greatly affect everything.

6. Foil
Foils are not the one you use to wrap the food but looks a little like it.  It comes in various colors and stamped on your folders as fonts or logos.  You can choose this over the normal prints because it is simpler but looks more professionally done.

7. Emboss
If you don’t like fonts with shiny or colorful foils consider embossing it.  Having something embossed makes logos look more professionally done just like foils but with no colors.

8. Print

If you prefer including a picture or longer sentences in the folder consider printing.  It would be cheaper and faster to choose this method than getting foils or having it embossed.

9. Colors
Colors are everything.  If you choose the wrong font color against a background your logo or wordings may not be very visible so be careful in picking out the colors for fonts and folders.

Pocket Folders look more professional if left simple.  Having too many information in the folder may distract readers of the important items inside it so try to keep the wordings or pictures to a minimum.  Ask your printers more information on pocket folder printing, professional printers will answer any of your queries as quickly as they can and will give you any information vital for the success of your print, so don’t hesitate to ask.  Consider finding a good and reliable printer that will give you a good rate and great quality so you can come back to them next time you need more pocket folders.

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