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MyScene Dress-Up Games for Girls to Play

“MyScene” is a fashion-related online game with lots of styling options. Here you’ll get to create brand new looks for the MyScene girls, all of whom have different hair colors, skin tones and general styles. Depending on the particular game, you can give your MyScene girl a manicure, update her hairstyle, customize her makeup or redesign her wardrobe.

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The Beauty Studio

When the Beauty Studio opens, you can change your MyScene girl’s hair–first the style, then the base color and even add some highlights. Then it’s off to the makeup screen; pick from a variety of makeup shades to apply to her lips, cheeks and eyes. Finally, select from an array of earrings, necklaces and even face jewelry to top off your MyScene girl’s brand-new look.

Shopping Spree

Pick a theme, such as “Street Art,” “Splashy Chic” or “Un-fur-gettable” for your shopping adventure. The theme you select will determine the sort of clothing you can choose. “Un-fur-gettable,” for example, will give you fur-trimmed pieces. Next, pick two MyScene girls to send to the dressing room and choose some stylish pieces for each one. There is a catch, though; they can’t try the clothing on as you select it. After you’ve selected the pieces, click on the “Ready? Let’s Go” button to see the girls dressed in the outfits you’ve chosen.

Dazzling Nails

Choose one MyScene girl to take to the virtual nail salon. After deciding whether you want her nails to be short or long, choose from a variety of nail polishes, along with a selection of nail decals and stickers. If you make a mistake, you can wipe it off with a swipe of nail polish remover. Top it all off with a ring for a complete look.

Fashion Designer

Choose a MyScene girl to use as a paper doll, then scroll through a variety of sketches of tops, bottoms, shoes and other accessories. Click on an item and then pick from a selection of patterns and colors to customize it. When you’re finished, print out the MyScene girl you chose and the clothing you designed; you’ll have a new paper doll with a stylish new outfit.

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www.dressup24h.com – fun and free dress up games for girls and for kids !

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