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Look at the Jacques rogge.

Those clear eyes contain, seems mbt online endless talk.

Rogge at that time was shocked, for a long time to come to his senses.

And ivy son, have already left.

In the world of death in wild Gregorian is boring, the polar on the earth turn the circle.

Occasionally it would beats four thin wings, flying in the air more than 10 meters short on, and then have to fall back to the ground. Bone dragons have for a long time have no experience on his four claws of the taste of that creeps on the ground.

It is far from complete body of the state, is can fly just this distance, is it play all wisdom, depend on own strength to the body the perfect result. Gregorian knew that want to improve the body is how difficult, even though it’s pretty apparent mbt tembea all of the framework, such as Gregorian pointed out to future direction and all the attention. But is this a little bit small improvement, also is almost in bone dragons desperate only when the breakthrough.

Gregorian had to admit that, in addition to outside apple, maybe it in other aspects is not always a genius.

Bone dragons punch to the sky, tried to look up in the air. In it MuLi can not and high, romantic still stood there quietly. In addition to wait, what their Gregorian know can do. A few tens of kilometers inside,mbt katika completely sense any undead breath, from the most violent of destruction knight to minimize the skeleton, such as king: nothing.

Bone dragons can only lonely alone wait.

The death of the world now cold and cheerless many, many experience catastrophe, he left after the undead perhaps none in.

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