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mbt create cross-border business opportunities

Japanese sports brand MBT in Japan is very keen uniforms custom uniforms favorite country, according to MBT shoes clearance statistics, restaurants, convenience stores, factories, banks and service MBT shoes companies like uniforms, uniform size of the market add up to a year to achieve the overall 670 billion Discount MBT shoes yen (about RMB 48 billion ) as much as in Japan, and even “UniformPlus” uniform MBT Sandals specialized magazines. Why do Japanese people so enthusiastic about uniforms? Growing a uniform field repair magazine editor, said: mbt uniform, like a switch on a professional sense, and can enhance employee pride and confidence! Had nothing in common with the uniform industry, the Japanese sporting goods maker, is now also fully snatch a piece of the pie. Fewer children + population aging that gradually reduce the movement, coupled with the financial tsunami golf, skiing population decline in Japan’s three major sports goods maker Mizuno (Mizuno), mbt (gym shoes), Descente (Descente) Recently, companies have to get into uniform market. Only profit-making opportunities in ages. And found that the market opportunities, often lies in that moment. mbt sandals, t the aging of the Japanese market opportunities, will drive the other out of the luxury sports brand concept.

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