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Madison Garton on Ellen DeGeneres Show – Full Transcript

Ellen: They’re not that comfortable.
Madison: Yeah, it’s not easy being green.
Ellen: Is that? Now, I’m going to take these out. Now yours, they’re not like this. They’re more expensive.
Madison: They’re a little less like that.
Ellen: Uh huh. They’re professionally made. Is that right?
Madison: That is right yes.
Ellen: And you wear them, because I, when you showed up on the show you got a lot of attention for that and I think Jimmy Kimmel showed it. We talked about it and showed it. Is it something that you wear everyday or was it to get attention?
Madison: Um, no I was actually afraid that this was going to get me kicked off, if anything. It’s for fun, definitely. I like to spice things up. I got it, let’s see, originally because I kind of always had that vampire thing. Starting out as a little girl with “Interview with the Vampire” and all of that, I was just enamored with the whole idea.
Ellen: You must love the Twilight movies.
Madison: You know I feel like Anne Rice did it better, but I’m a Twilight fan I’ve gotta say.
Ellen: Really, so you’ve been into this whole thing you’re ahead of all of us with the vampire thing. You knew that was going to be the thing everybody was going to focus on.
Madison: You know, yeah, trendsetter. Or something like that.
Ellen: Now can those come out? Do they come out?
Madison: They do come out. Yes, although.
Ellen: Can you take them out?
Madison: I’m going to get a lot of criticism for this one.
Ellen: Why is that?
Madison: You know, it’s supposed to be with the full moon kind of thing, but um.
Ellen: Is there a full moon right now?
Madison: There are a lot of studio lights, but um.
Ellen: We’re inside. It will suffice. I mean technically then you shouldn’t be awake right now. It’s day time.
Madison: Yeah, I’m breaking rules left and right.
Ellen: I mean, yeah, you’re on daytime TV. So we have to trust that it’s okay that you’re here. Alright, so, so you left. I was kind of surprised. I felt like watching you leave we got to sort of know the real you and without the fangs and without kind of all of a sudden we got to know you and you left. Why’d you leave?
Madison: Yes, I came into the whole thing with the idea that it would be fun, and I could go on and be kind of crazy and do all this stuff. And then it became a lot more real to me. The whole Emily story, you know, for example. We became, yeah, close friends and I saw how invested she was in the whole thing. Her heart was on the line, and she’s got a baby at home. And all of the sudden, here I am. I couldn’t really look myself in the eye and be the woman that was going to even attempt to interfere with that. Not that I would’ve, but.
Ellen: So you didn’t really have those feelings for Brad and you felt like that was not fair for you to stay, because you did not have that connection.
Madison: Yeah, circumstantially, I spent a lot more time with the girls than I did with Brad. That’s kind of the nature of the show, and so I developed more of a friendship with the girls than an immediate connection with Brad. There were moments that we had, but on the whole.
Ellen: Do you like Brad? Do you think he’s a good guy?
Madison: I think Brad’s a great guy. And if it doesn’t work out, you know, call me up Brad.
Ellen: He should call you up. So supposedly he’s ended up with somebody. Who do you think that he? Here I have I a chart. I’m going to go through this with you. Because I want to know, because you know with editing.
Madison: Are you betting on this or?
Ellen: Well, we can bet on it because you don’t know who it is. Right?
Madison: No, I don’t, I don’t.
Ellen: Because with editing, I have no idea who’s really, really crazy. Fake crazy, yeah. I’m going to say she’s crazy. I think that Michelle. Who’s with me that Michelle is, is, uh. Who’s with me on Michelle being the winner?
Madison: You’ve got to give the woman credit for telling it like it is. She’s in it to win it for sure. Whatever it is.
Ellen: Yeah, I think that she’s being a little manipulative. If she’s that jealous right now I can’t imagine spending your life with her. Because she would just be controlling. That’s my fear with that. I think Chantal O. has a good shot.
Madison: They seem to have a lot of chemistry. I think everyone is going to notice that.
Ellen: Yes, they do. And of course Emily like you said she’s got a heartbreaking story.
Madison: Yeah, that’s the fairy tale story. I’m kind of rooting for that one. She may be the underdog, but come on.
Ellen: So anybody else you think he has a connection with.
Madison: Let’s see, those are the two front runners definitely. But um, I really like Jackie, and I think he didn’t give her a fair enough shot. So what if she’s only been with two men. You know, I think that.
Ellen: I know. I was surprised.
Madison: She was really sweet and fun.
Ellen: When I saw the date at the Hollywood Bull I actually got to like her a lot too. You can’t tell with the editing. Now would you be the next Bachelorette if they asked you?
Madison: I’m not sure if I could sign on for that job. It is really hard, and people just don’t give Brad enough credit. I mean there are 30 women there vying for his attention all the time, and he has to be such a gentleman to all of them. It’s a lot of pressure. It really, really is.
Ellen: A lot of making out.
Madison: That part I would may be okay with.
Ellen: You’d be okay with a lot of making out? But there’s long hours too. There’s long, long hours.
Madison: That’s the thing that people don’t realize. They really.
Ellen: That rose ceremony must go into, you know we had Chris here the other day. And then you’re in heels and you’re standing there. I don’t know why we don’t see some people keel over.
Madison: You can hear crows, I mean roosters doing their thing in the morning when the rose ceremony is going on. They have to stop because of the noise of the roosters.
Ellen: Oh really until 6 in the morning, seriously? No it’s hard work.
Madison: If the girls look like they’re nervous and tired and all that. It’s a whole lot that goes into it.
Ellen: It’s real.
Madison: They sacrifice a lot to be there.
Ellen: Maybe if he doesn’t choose Emily maybe Emily should be the Bachelorette.
Madison: That’s my vote. Yeah. Heck yeah, she’s so sweet.
Ellen: We’ll see what happens.

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