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Learning To Know What Is IUI

When asking what is IUI, start by understanding that it is short for intrauterine insemination. It is an established conception aid for women. Less costly than IVF and far less invasive, its success rate can be up to 20%.

Men with a low sperm count, problems with sperm motility and sexual dysfunction can benefit, and of course this could be useful if a woman needs donor sperm. IUI is done at your doctor’s office. It involves putting the sperm straight into the uterus.

It simply involves injecting sperm directly into the womb, so it’s more likely to combine with the egg than when normal ejaculation takes place inside the vagina. A larger quantity of sperm enters the uterus, the sperm doesn’t get destroyed by hostile vaginal mucous or anti-sperm antibodies and the journey the sperm have to make to fertilize the ovum is shorter. IUI is often tried before IVF along with fertility medications.

IUI needs to be done on the day you ovulate. The amount of eggs you release can be increased, making the chances of conception higher, by using a prescription like Clomid. Women need to carefully chart their cycle so that the time of ovulation is known exactly. You may need tests to confirm ovulation has occurred.

So on the big day, the man’s sperm is collected and then concentrated and washed, which weeds out non-moving sperm and the surrounding seminal fluid. Importantly, it removes prostaglandins that normally stay in the vagina. If they were to enter the womb, they could cause sickness and cramping.

The downsides are few, and costs run to hundreds, not thousands of dollars, which is a good reason for its popularity. It also explains and the ever higher number of people wanting to learn what is IUI. When you’ve been trying for a baby for up to a year and a half with no joy, of suffer from a condition as named above, discuss IUI as an option for you with your gynecologist of family GP.

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