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The causes for the accident are still unknown and further investigation into whether drugs and alcohol were involved is still being determined. If you are a driver and run on road, it is important for you to know the proper safety seating regulations for young passengers.

Anyway, if you are in Fort Collins and you or loved one has been injured in a Fort Collins accident then you need to contact a dedicated injury lawyer fort collins who will defend your rights.

An injury or a personal injury is a medical term which means physically hurt by someone else negligence. An injury can happen in many forms like car accident, truck accident, road accident, motor bike accident, slip and fall, accident at work place, accident inside home, neck injury and many more. Sometimes unthinkable things happen in your life, you are seriously injured in a Fort Collins accident and it significantly impacts your life. You cannot work at least until you are rehabilitated and you must now file for disability benefits to help support you during this painful time.

In a motorcycle-pickup truck accident in Pueblo West on Thursday, a man and a juvenile girl were injured. Names, ages and conditions of the two were not available late Thursday. According to Pueblo County Police, the girl was 8 and that one of the victims had been flown to a Denver hospital. The accident happened about 4:20 p.m. at the intersection of Homer and Tolstoi drives, just north of Cellini Drive.

The man and girl were riding a yellow dirt bike and were involved in a crash with a gold Dodge 3500 pickup truck. According to radio traffic the man was rendered unconscious in the crash, but later talked with deputies. He and the girl both suffered serious injuries, the radio traffic said.

If you or your loved one injured in Fort Collins, it would be better for you to contact a fort collins personal injury lawyer, An experienced personal injury lawyer fort collins can help the disability claim appropriately so that the application is much more likely to be granted in the first instance. And if there is a denial of benefits, fort Collins injury lawyer can file an appeal against that on behalf of you.

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