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If You Are Posting To Free For All Websites You Really Should Not Waste Your Time

Free for all sites ought to be extinct, however, you can still see them everywhere. If any of you are unaware I will describe just what a free for all site is. This is really a website were you can post a 1 line ad with a hyperlink to your website. In the very beginning it was a very easy method to build links to your website and you also could do it quickly. At present the search engines frown upon any individual using this approach in order to build links. In this article we will be speaking about why this is such a bad idea and why you need to avoid it.

I know a few of you are still tempted to post on these sites. Some people might not exactly understand the urge, but I do. You can take your link and place it on one site and you could finally end up having your website linked to a huge number of other sites instantly. The majority of free for all sites other wise known as ffa sites, are connected to hundreds or even thousands of other websites. People never really seem to understand how pointless it really is to post on these sites. Also whenever you post to these types of sites the search engines could end up banning your Internet site from their results.

The search engines are not stupid, and if they find these 1,000 links that were built in a minute they already know that something is not right. Search engines would like people to gain their inbound links naturally and that is certainly not what this is. And because of this Google and the other major search engines frown on getting links like that.

Now because your link is not just put up on one site but possibly thousands this leads to other problems as well. This leads to everyone in that free for all network having your email address and just by posting there your essentially giving all these men and women permission to start sending you emails. And so by just posting on one ffa network you could find yourself receiving thousands of emails each day. If you look at it, the only real benefit is going to the people that started up an ffa Internet site to start with.

There are plenty of additional ways to build links the right way, such as directory submission as well as article marketing that it is a wonder these ffa sites are still around. I understand the need for building links and that it must be done however, if you don’t want to get in trouble you need to stay away from these Internet websites.

Link farms are yet another thing that you will have to stay away from. Link farms are usually just as bad for your site as ffa websites. This is yet another way that people try to trick the search engines by establishing lots of sites that all have hyperlinks pointing to all the others and also back to your primary site. While I have not heard much about it in the last year, men and women are still doing it, but they don’t realize that Google is wise to this particular trick. Google as well as the other search engines are interested in all natural linking so don’t make use of the link farm technique or the ffa websites.

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