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If I Were a Wallet Salesman

Generally, wallets can be sorted into two groups, one group for men and the other for women. Usually, men’ s wallet is smaller for it is mostly kept in the pocket. What’ s more, its brief and decent style will make a man more masculine. On the contrary, ladies’ purse asks for delicate appearance and sometimes complicated structure to embody their stylistic grandeur and fulfill their needs towards the multifunction. If according to uses, they could be classified mainly into two types, one for common use while the other is utilized to hold small change. Moreover, as wallets are made of a large variety of materials, such as leather, canvas, or even plastic, they can also be divided into many other kinds. Therefore, wallets, which appear simple and unremarkable, have a lot of scholarship for you may get confused with the classification merely, still less sell one to a consumer. If I were a salesman specialized in wallets, to be frank, I would do it like this. First of all is to make clear the customer’ s gender. I couldn’ t imagine how a female consumer would feel if I recommended her a men’ s wallet. And I wouldn’ t start my introduction until I had judged a customer’ s age from his or her aspect, wear, and even expression. Aiming at the young ladies, especially those who were dressed up in style, I should suggest her to have some lively and popular colors, like pink and green first of all. Then I would ask her about her demand for style and whether she needs a few decorations on the purse, such as elegant butterfly or some other lovely cartoon images. Considering their means of payment is basically by credit card and they always have many other cards for bookstore, and beauty salon, etc. I should also show them some that could hold enough cards. If meeting middle and aged women, I thought things are much easier. Usually, they are not that demanding and they prefer plain and simple ones. Of course I was not so foolish as to ask an old lady to buy a fashinoable and complex purse which is designed specifically for the miss. What she needed was probably a change purse to use in the market hall or to catch a bus. As for men, in my opinion, most of them are not a bit verbose and trenchant and will always attach more importance to a wallet’ s quality. Therefore, I would focus on introducing the material and craftsmanship. As some of them are sensitive about their reputation, I believed that the branded ones are far more appropriate for them. In fact, acting according to circumstances is very important and necessary. I would never rest content with having successful experiences of others to go by. Moreover, being in good faith is not only the root of being a person but also a way of gaining more wealth.  The author is a copywriter concentrating on –Rolex Datejust II watches cheap. Commments and questions are welcomed, please communicate with the author via this site –http://www.watches4u.biz

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