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How To Make Money

Many people are drawn to blogging because they have heard all the stories behind the successful bloggers such as Daren Rowse and how they started with nothing and within a few years became millionaires. This is very motivation and yes could happen to you, however before you dive into the new world of blogging and internet marketing you do in fact need some guidance. Blogging mansion is the perfect resource for this and will help you make plenty of money online.

It may seem simple you set up a blog, or have one set up professionally for you. Write some articles that are in depth and interesting, publish them, tell your facebook friends and expect people to find you day by day. If you are thinking this then you are slightly naive, making money does take far more effort.
Before you start a blog you need to decide what keywords you want to target in order to start showing up in search engines such as Google at the top of the rankings. This is known as keyword research and Blogging Mansion will give you tutorials on how to pick the right keywords in order to get the highest rankings and most visitors. Picking a keyword requires, looking at how many times per month that exact phrase is searched, then finding how many competitors are also trying to rank for that phrase and finally how much SEO is needed in order to rank for that keyword.

The next thing Blogging Mansion can teach you is how to monetize your site. This is, for those of you that didn’t know how you can make money from your blog. There are plenty of options to chose from, many of which may be unsuitable for your site, so it’s important you learn about each different kind before you start populating the site with ads. An example of some of the types of monetization are, affiliates, where you promote a product and you get a commission for every sale you make, amazing if your website contains reviews.
Another important part of blogging is social networking, with Facebook and Twitter having hundreds of millions of users it’s important to create a good social footprint. People love remaining in the know and social media is the best place to come about doing this.

So for all types of blogging tutorials, money making advice Bloggging Mansion is the website you need to achieve your online success.

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