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how to change the spark plugs on a nissan murano

Wave a sooty, way still can do, go back to work
Say that finish, stand up, let sooty brothers to let, let the balcony seats are several other brother, to the first floor hall, and the WuXing boss come up to a question, the results with a sooty anger hum, will the boss was not talkative.
The door to the hotel, eight ye that more than 10 elite drive first leave, the rest is on this side of the DuoWei sooty 30 brothers, he open ferrari before, chamilia disney inside still sit three brothers, is a few cars behind golden cup car and common mulberry tower, just follow the road, then receiving horse of six sooty phone, say let he go to a small bar, xinzhuang that there is something XiangShang.
Sooty not silly, in the mind a earthquake, know today night things is largely is blown, where dare go to see a horse, a lie said are now six to nanjing Freeway, come back, phone, hung up the phone, direct shutdown, heart sooty some nervous, let flank of acceleration. Brother drive
Discover oneself also bar, one of the biggest one in HongQiaoZhen, participants over there every night in more than one hundred brothers, and his men to keep at least thousands of people in hongqiao industrial park, near to work, so HongQiaoZhen is the base of sooty, and right now, just discover soon back to the base.
But the car in zhongchun road to do less than five minutes, the back of the car a brother would call the sooty answer the phone, behind brother frown way black brother, bad, let’s like being followed.
Sooty was shocked, way all right, let’s, let him follow DuoRen so good, again drive faster, the high speed was just fine.
Will be sent to the autumn elder brother A brother uneasy way.
To tell you the truth, everyone is still revered for of, don’t see hand have no brothers, who can be in the position of the mind is detached, cow big young tiger, HanShaoTang are dead in the counsel of the under, and that a few times, and successful war laid the status of and the sex.
Sooty suddenly asked, what is behind the car
A brother sticking his neck out the window see half ring, nasty track not good, black brother, is two large trucks behind
I grass Sooty wrinkle up eyebrows, way no matter, let brothers ready
Suddenly, a brother called to get up black elder brother, look
Not far from the front, a car, the car is in the Lincoln longer on the road, the road block greater half.
That’s brother six car ah, the last time I seen outside in the bar, the Shanghai can open up this kind of car is very few, estimates that this one won’t wrong A brother exclaimed.
A six, three mentions horses brothers all some nervous, your chamilia although not directly over them six horses, but about six elder brother of legend, they listen too much, under several brothers is based on one enemy absolute master, kill people as they dare to kill chickens, not the fault of the previously black son, talk, haven’t think, now see the horse of the car in front, and six this feeling again from different.


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