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How Do You Make Notepads

Notepads are almost always beside a telephone or a pen to make the filling in easy.  It is and should always be accessible and easily seen by everyone so make sure that it is not only well done but also very visible.

1. Think about your target
Your target is the people you want to receive or use the notepads.  This could be various branches of your offices requiring new deposit slips or your head office needing more receipts.  It can also be professionals or secretaries who may need to jot down short notes because they are always on the phone or they just remembered one task that they do not want to forget.

2. Clear your mind and focus on a specific notepad (yes there are different types)
There are various notepads to choose from depending on your need in fact you can even customize and have the pads to your specifications.  You can have a small notepad like those you put beside your landline phones to write down simple messages from callers, pads like that of doctors where they can write their prescription or notepads that are for business forms like receipts or accounting forms.  Whatever it is you choose, be specific and focus on it.

3. Make an estimate on how many you may need for printing
because you have decided what notepad you will be making and have thought of your target market then you can easily estimate the amount of prints you will be needing.  It doesn’t have to exact but it needs to be near that number, it is better to have more than to have less in this account.

4. List down every question or data you require for the content
List everything you need and put it all together.  Make sure to double check for errors and duplications.

5. Make a rough draft on the layout
since you have already identified the contents of your paper put it together and make a draft layout.  It doesn’t have to be perfect because your printers can polish everything for you.  Just make sure the placing is clear and the lines are visible.

6. Think of the colors you will be using for your pad
Monochrome is better for forms or other pads because it looks more professional and can easily be duplicated should you need more.  If you need a particular box or area much more visible than the rest, highlight it by using other colors or using a bold font.

7. Have your logo or other pictures you may want to include in the notepad
If you will be using a notepad like that of a cube, try to keep  your pictures to one or two.  If you can’t help it have the print as a watermark so people can still write over it.

8. Think about other options

There options available like the NCR or the No Carbon Required technology that you can include in the paper so that it can act as carbon paper but better because it is more earth friendly and you do not have to place an extra carbon paper in every page you need to duplicate.

9. Find a good printer

Go find yourself a reliable printer, one that can provide you with all the needs you require specially for your notepads.

Notepad printing is perfect for your company because its media is useful for the people who will receive the notepads and helpful for the business owner because their name will be advertised.

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