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Has Van Leasing Grown Up?

Van leasing, van lease purchase and van contract hire are some of the most popular ways for businesses to finance their vehicles. In the past though inflexible contract terms, fixed mileage allowances and a distinct lack of vehicle customisation options often made leasing an unattractive option for the small business owner. Today, motor journalist Andrew Bothwell talks to Stuart at Van Leasing Quotes to find out if leasing a new van for your business is any easier than it used to be:

Q: Has van leasing changed in the past few years? If so, how?
A: It has changed and I think the main reason is that it is much more flexible now. The words lease and leasing conjure up all sorts of things in peoples minds when it comes to getting a new van but there’s less reasons to be wary now than there used to be.

Q. What do you mean by flexibility?
A. Well, gone are the days that entering into a van lease deal meant fixed and un-flexible contracts designed to cater for large fleets. Van Leasing is now far more geared to the needs of even the smallest business. All of the things you associate with owning your van can be catered for and a well-designed Lease Package has a host of benefits that go beyond the traditional van hire deals of the past.

Q. Sounds good but what does that mean for the typical small business owner?
A. It basically means that all of the things you associate with owning your van can be catered for in a low-cost van lease package. So for instance, our customers can brand and sign write their van with their own logos and telephone number, choose any colour that suits, fit extra items that they need like tow bars, roof racks and ladders, choose a non-restricted mileage option, get all the costs wholly allowable against tax and even arrange to buy the van in the future if they want.

Q. So what different lease agreements are available for the small business owner?
A. With more flexibility comes more choice and the 3 most popular forms of van financing today are van leasing, van lease purchase and van contract hire.

Q. Can you briefly explain the difference between the 3 main van finance options; van leasing, van lease purchase and van contract hire?
A: To put it simply, van leasing lets customers drive off with a brand new van for a low deposit and low fixed monthly costs, van lease purchase is a flexible finance option that allows customers to drive off with a brand new van for a low fixed monthly cost and still own the van at the end of the term and with van contract hire you can include maintenance, servicing, emergency roadside assistance and a range of other services to tie up all your vehicle running costs into one fixed, manageable, low-cost monthly payment.

Q. So how does a business owner choose what’s the best option for them?
A. Each option comes with different benefits and it’s all about speaking to an advisor who can build a tailored package around your business. Leasing is now longer a ‘one size fits all’ affair but a good van leasing advisor will be able to simplify the process and get the best deal for you.

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