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Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM – A Trio For Joint Health

A considerable part of the aging society does suffer from Arthrosis, a condition where joint cartilage , a kind of dampening field that protects the bones in joints to have direct contact, does degenerate. It is also called osteoarthritis. The more joint cartilage degenerates, the higher the probability that the joint will hurt when using it. Other symptoms are swelling of the joint and decreased movement ability. Eventually the bones that now have direct contact in the joint try to fix the problem by growing to the sides. The idea behind this is to decrease the pressure on the joint area by making it bigger – but it does not really work. Only a few people suffering from osteoarthritis do have no symptoms. Once the pain is too high to bear patients consider to fixate the joint or to replace it.

In addition to osteoarthritis most people suffer from arthritis, where the joint is inflamed. Inflammation is the main cause for pain, and further accelerates the degeneration of joint cartilage.

These diseases are not only diseases of the elderly, physically active people do also have an increased chance of developing osteoarthritis early on. Most commonly knee joints are affected, because the knee joint is a very complex joint, but at the same time has to withstand a lot of stress. Additionally accidents that damage joints can lead to a faster degeneration of the damaged joint.

Unfortunately the human body does almost stop growth of joint cartilage in the early 20ies, making the regeneration of joint cartilage a very slow and often incomplete process. This means that minor damages can still be repaired, but they take a long time, and if stress on the minimal damaged joint continues then there will be a point of no return where the damage is so big that it can not regenerate fully anymore. This is why it should be standard procedure to support joint regeneration with potent supplements before damage to the joint is too severe. This is the only way to have perfect joints throughout a sports life, or up to very high age.

However, if damage is too great for complete regeneration, the same supplements can be used to halt, or considerably slow down the further degeneration of joint cartilage.They can also reduce or eliminate inflammation of the affected joints. While the joints may not fully recover, as one with cartilage damage can feel it by having “unclean” movement with the affected joint, like having a bit of sand in the joint, which may be, depending on the severity of the damage, even produce sounds (the usual knacking of joints is not because of joint damage though, it is just gas in the joint that moves away from one side of the joint to another) these supplements can still give that person back most or all of the life quality. This makes taking supplements still a very good idea for people suffering from osteoarthritis / arthritis.

The most commonly used supplements are glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM (organic sulfur). These supplements have synergistic effects on each other. Glucosamine and chondroitin are building blocks of joint cartilage, that our bodies do produce themselves. However, like with many substances that our bodies produce, it is a good idea to help our own production out a bit. This ensures that enough of the substances are availiable for the joints to speed up regeneration of the joints. In addtion, glucosamine has anti-inflammatory effects in higher dosages. MSM is a very potent anti-inflammatory itself. All three substances together do not only help the joint repair itself, but also reduce or stop inflammation of the joint. Find out more about glucosamine triple strength supplements.

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