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Get the best Characteristics of iPhone Battery

Apple has introduced a backup iPhone Battery that extends the charging time for the users. The pack comes with a charger and a battery, which uses four AA batteries. With the emergency battery and the portable charger, you can get significantly extended power for your iPhone.

When will you need it?

Sometimes it happens that you are away from any power source and your phone also starts to run out of battery charge. At times like these, one would think to just wait till going to a place with a power point. Now you don’t need to do this. You can get the portable iPhone Charger and make your life much easier. Through this charger, you are able to get enough power that your phone can last for another five hours if you make calls. The charger is also compatible with iPod, in which case, you can listen to about 20 hours of music playback by charging through the portable charger. To get your phone to start charging, you just need to connect the charger to a USB port on your laptop or computer.

There is another portable charger fitted inside the leather case of your iPhone. Charging with this iPhone Charger enables you to extend the talk time up to twenty hours. You also get around fifteen hours of video playback time and fifteen hours of Internet usage.

Whether you are going camping or any other long journey, the portable iPhone Charger can be your best travel companion. There are some people who don’t much of a chance to charge their phone. This charger is perfect for them so that they are not forever running out of iPhone Battery.

Use of iPhone apps and Battery Consumption
There are many of us who use all of the best features of the iPhone from the Internet surfing and gaming to usage of apps. All these activities take up a lot of battery power and it is likely that the battery will run out of charge quickly. Now, with the arrival of the Emergency iPhone Battery, you have nothing to worry about anymore. You can take full advantage of your iPhone’s awesome features without having to think about the battery running out.

Extension in Battery Time
With the emergency iPhone Battery, you can utilize additional power for your phone anytime. If you are in the middle of something and realize the battery is running out, all you have to do is press the power button located on the station base. This will enable the phone to start using the external battery. The power from the external battery can last up to 24 hours. This is a large extension considering your phone was on the brink of running out of charge.

This battery and charger are made for the ultimate convenience for those guys, who are always on the move. It is the large amounts of convenience offered with these products that make them very popular among the users of iPhone. If you have this gadget and have not thought about it, think again and grab one.

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