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Find Your Love. How Do We Know If The Age Of Aquarius Will Be A Utopia or Orwellian Nightmare?

Find Your Love. Open and Balance Your Heart Chakra and Find Your Soul Mate.

One way we can ensure a utopia is to find a spiritual practise that is simple. When I am coaching and I ask clients “what do you really want” most times they say a soul mate. So the goal becomes to find your love. It`s a rather paradoxical love, in order to find the utopia they seek first they have to find it within and then give it away. This news does not always make me very popular, but those willing to stay with it do find incredible rewards.

Falling in love is intoxicating. Breathless Giddy Blissful. In love is a beautiful state to be in.

You want to find your love, to find your soul mate, the love of your life. Well congratulations, you just did, it`s you, you are the one you have been waiting for. Romantic love is wonderful but imagine something more vast than romantic love, a love that grows deeper, more passionate, more exciting as time passes. Universal love or unconditional love is the blossom of all spiritual practises and is the prize of a disciplined mind. Find your love and you find the secret to real happiness.

So here is the start of a find your love practise that you must do consistently if you really want to find your love. When your Heart Chakra is open and balanced you will

– Find your love and fall in love with yourself.
– You will attract others to you like a magnet.
– Your will experience immense creativity.
– Your heart will create abundance and the law of attraction will make sense.
– Health and harmony will be second nature to you.

The Keys to opening The Heart Chakra.

1. Meditation

The heart Chakra is symbolised by the colour green. Meditation is your first step in opening this chakra. Meditation will quieten the stories that run in your mind that keep your heart closed, and being in nature will take you deeper into yourself, your only true source of love. Or simply visualise the colour green, collect beautiful green objects, paint with green, and wear green and get very creative with the colour gree. Fall in love with symbols and let them guide you. Find your love by getting still and quiet.

2. Get A Professional To Help You.

I once was offered a crystal healing session and although deeply cynical about it, I actually found it really relaxing and quite beautiful. Find a practitioner or study yourself.

3. Find a role model

Spend as much time as you can with people who are very loving, warm hearted and gentle. Observe how they don’t want anything from you but just seem to find everything they need with themselves.

In the words of Mother Teresa, “A joyful heart is the inevitable result of a heart burning with love.”

Carol Finlayson, certified Tony Robbins Coach and Author of “Turn On The Lights” a self help book taking you from fear to living a life beyond your wildest dreams. Visit her website at:

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