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Experts teach you how to tell Nike (nike) shoes method

Experts teach you how to tell Nike (nike) shoes method

Nike (nike) shoes, the quality of its high quality has won the majority of consumers, the market potential is very large. Some unscrupulous businesses selling to consumers on

Nike (nike) shoes, counterfeit goods, so many counterfeit products not only for the sale of genuine businesses caused a loss, but also allow consumers to know what to do! In

these counterfeit products on the market under the impact of want to buy genuine become serious headaches, how to tell Nike (nike) shoes have become must have the ability to

buy, here we ask experts to identify the universal navigation network Weapon, teach you how Quweicunzhen from four aspects, to easily identify Nike (nike) shoes true and false

See Nike (nike) shoes price: a pair of ordinary models of Nike (nike) sports shoes, for example, if it is really authentic original shoe box, then the purchase price of not less

than 4.48 fold; true if it is authentic Nike (nike ) shoes, but no original box, then also generally not less than 4 fold.
See Nike (nike) standard hot: hot subject of the majority of sports shoes, in February 2005 after the truth out of nike shoes are hot hot standard soft standard hollow, (the

middle can be hauled), clear and powerful computer Coding , a four-week hot bonding, while the fake shoes are all hot (cut blurred), in addition there is a body of the shoe is

hot as a side seam on the label (mostly shoes). Please note that no matter what label, nike’s sign are interlaced aligned. That is all authentic nike shoes are the size of the

font in each line is the same.
News Nike (nike) Odor: All authentic Nike (nike) shoes process is very strict requirements. Which are more demanding on the glue. Every generation of glue used in the factory

are used original nike company dedicated to provide the glue seep (safety, environmental protection, will not have any pungent smell). The new shoes will have a genuine touch of

incense. And asked them fake shoes will have a very pungent taste.
See Nike (nike) shoes: All shoes are authentic nike shoes, soft elastic (bending hand side immediately after the bounce. Restitution). Most shoes will be hard and fake Bang Bang

(both sides of the hand will not immediately bounce back after the bend, the majority will crease. Some even off the bottom).
Special Note: True Nike (nike) shoes work very fine, even sewing, and now many imitations look very realistic from the outside, only to distinguish clearly see from the inside.
Buy original single shipment of goods will not need to pay attention to the remaining lot, often broken code, sometimes leading wheat will be removed or cut off, sometimes small

Universal navigation network through the identification of experts to give you the methods of the above, you are not already own can be independently identified, and recall a

lot of time to identify the differential point of view you read online!
Distinguish between true and false knowledge sharing, improve ability to identify the authenticity, is our common goal, service life, peak network will release the relevant

knowledge, so that consumers from fake infringement, but also hope that we have any good suggestions to tell us together to build the era of no fake! So fake disappear from life

as soon as possible!

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