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Easy Breezy Pocket Folders

We use folders quite often to keep files and important papers in order but having personalized pocket folders require a little more effort than the ones you can just purchase from a supplies shop.  Say yes to pocket folder printing, a personalized and easy media to show how professional your company is.

1) Think

Take time to think about what you really need it for.  This will also help you to think about how much you need and how beautiful it must be.  If you want a more professionalized look

2) Think again – for the General Look

• Board type
Carefully pick out the board type taking into consideration the

• Pocket type
The type of pocket you use depends on your needs so ask the printer what pocket types they have.  Most often they have the regular or standard types that are cut horizontally, some are diagonal or slashed but cut a little higher than the diagonal ones, some have rounded edges but are standard

• Slit type
Slits differs depending on your printers, some offer various slits like 2 small slits on the lower left and the upper right of a small rectangle like a business card, some offer four small ones and some have rounded edges.  The type of slit to be used depending on what you will use it for.

• Folder Color
The color of the folder you will be using must be coordinated with the color of your font or the picture you will include in the folder.  If you will be using foil for fonts be sure it will be visible.

• Font Color
Colors are important because if the font blends with the folder color, the printing is useless because it will become barely visible.  Pick a font color that is contrasting but still complementing the background which is the folder.  E.g. Black and White / Dark Blue and Gray

• Emboss
Embossing has no colors.  It will not be using any colors because the folder itself is the one to be used for embossing.  Ask your printer first if they have a limitation on number of words or letters for embossing.  This normally takes time if you have this personalized.

• Foils
Foils are the fonts or characters that you will be using.  It differs from the regular print because the lettering is embossed with foil.  There are various font types and colors for the foils so take time to ask the printers what they can offer you.

• Print
If you do not like how the foils or embossed letterings look like consider Printing.  Another reason for printing is if you want a picture included in the folder.

• Laminate or Gloss
If you decide to use the regular printing for the pocket folders, make it last longer and add gloss to the board so the print outs will have a longer life.

3) Think once more what you should write
What you write in the folder must be concise and limited to only the following to get a cleaner and professional look:

• Your company name
• Your company logo
• Your web address
• Your Email address
• Your telephone numbers
• Your vision or mission (if you can’t help it and need to put more info)
• Your tag line
• A quote directly connected to your company
• Tags or information on what you will place in that particular pocket

Let the contents speak for itself.  Avoid making folders that look like billboards or other advertisements.  Do not stuff your pocket folders with too much information.  Pocket folder printing is an easy breezy process if done right.

For more easy tips and wise ideas about cost effective and impressive print materials visit: pocket folder printing.

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