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Discovering the mbt Boots for You

But in order to make the mbt online recruits become as soon as possible a warrior, we must still try to use the new recruits Charlie battle. In all, against the king before, in order to prevent "the situation in the complex street fighting occur in the confusion, he gave the order, in death by surprise attack, all people are not allowed to retreat, must be in place resistance. The number of troops, ray advantage is too big, the recruits to hold on for a moment, as long as the reinforcements will come a few sneak attacker surrounded by the eat.

Latvia has a palace at this time within sight.

Latvia king belief, and the light under grace more kindly. He after thirty also adopted many orphaned, choose a made to give WuJi magic, the best talent will grow up into imperial, and the rest will also get appointed in the military. These orphans although small, but for Latvia kingdom in the heart of the loyalty is beyond moved.

Latvia, building numerous large palace. The prefects, facing the piled into tw o of the kingdom mbt fanaka gtx of the elite warrior, using every corner, every wall, each a corridor on fighting resistance. But this time Charlie will never again let Wright fortress thing to happen again. In the complex terrain, with the most elite o ray zone trooper and ask for the many soldiers, protection, eight high order elven mage give full play to their amazing damage. In particular, they often sinister area with powerful magic will cover up a thing and the prefects to blow up together. This takes the palace, though some progress is slow, but the elite soldiers casualties is small.

When king palace, scored Latvia real obstacles to come. The king and queen of Latvia has been back into the chamber of secrets to the chamber of secrets, only a narrow YouChang the vestibule, can barely let two mbt lami heavily armed soldiers parallel. Dozens of the most elite HanYong prefects to the flesh and blood of his guards article this tunnel.

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