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According to Denver Authorities, several high school students and a woman were hurt in a traffic accident involving a Denver Public Schools bus and a car. According to Denver Police spokesperson Vicki Ferrari, nine students were taken to three hospitals but that their injuries were not serious. She said a woman in her 20s was driving the car that crashed with the bus Friday at about 4 p.m. The driver was also hospitalized but was not seriously hurt. There were about 30 students on the bus at the time of the crash.

Because we don’t know the law of car accident, we don’t know how to claim to insurance company, how much compensation we can get, so to solve all these problems we need a denver personal injury lawyer.

According to Colorado State patrol, A 23-year-old Colorado Springs man died late Sunday after his motorcycle went off Walker Road northeast of the city. His name was Jason Summerfield. He was traveling eastbound on Walker near Steppler Road at about 10:30 p.m. when the motorcycle rolled and hit a post on a barbed wire fence. He was thrown from the Yamaha bike, which kept going and crashed into two telephone junction boxes. According to state patrol, Summerfield was wearing a helmet, but died from his injuries.

In another case, a young woman was killed and a couple was hurt during a multiple vehicle accident in Colorado Springs near Castle Rock. The Colorado Springs car accident took place when a jeep driven by a 19 year old woman struck a tractor parked on the left shoulder of southbound, and then spun across other lane of traffic, striking two other vehicles and injuring a 41 years old man and his female passenger. The driver of the jeep was ejected and died on the spot and the inured couple was taken to a local hospital.

In Denver, it is common to get injured by other negligence. If you or any member of your family is injured in Denver, it is important for you to contact a denver car accident attorney. There can be many reasons of car accident such as driver lost balance, drunk driving, not a well educated driver, bad weather, other’s mistakes, lack of knowledge of traffic rules and more.

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