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Dancing with Jinglies

As more and more people are putting emphasis on staying in shape and on physical fitness, they are also accessorizing with Jinglies; the hottest dance hip scarf in the fitness industry for belly dancing and zumba workout. Jinglies is a coin scarf you wear around your waist and helps you maintain the beat of music with your dance. Women enjoy having fun with their zumba workout and belly dancing with music and jinglies so it does not become so boring.

Some people think that belly dancing is only about the music and the moves; however, there is so much more to it. The belly dance hip scarf is important part of every belly dancers costume. The hip scarf has the ability to catch the eye of the spectators, as they watch the various hip movements that the belly dancers engage in. If a dance has on no belly dance hip scarf, then something will also be missing from the performance.

A beaded hip scarf is thought to be a very sensuous aspect of the belly dancing costume. They are tied at the front or the side of the body, they fit low on the dancer’s hip bones, and they are generally made form velvet or silk. In order to add color and movement to the costume, jeweled beads or crystals are typically sewn on to the hip scarf. A fringe of crystals, beads and coins can be draped from the hip scarf as well, and will add movement as the dancer moves her hips.

A belly dance hip scarf is available is shapes such as triangular and rectangular. Depending on factors such as the type of dance that you will be performing or your personal preferences, you can choose the shape belly dance hip scarf that best suits your needs. The coins, crystals or beads that are added to the scarf, will create a rhythmic sound while you perform; as such, you will find that your audience will be more entertained and drawn to your movements.

When you are looking for a belly dancing costume, you will also need to find the perfect hip scarf that complements the outfit. It is advisable that you choose a variety of fabrics and colors, so that you will have a different outfit each time that you perform. There is nothing wrong in choosing variety when it comes to selecting your hip scarf. This is an excellent way to add your unique touch to your belly dancing outfit.

You will be able to find a belly dance scarf in stores that sell belly dancing outfits, and you will also be able to find the perfect hip scarf online. Furthermore, these outlets have a variety of fabrics and colors that you can choose from. Wow your dance workout buddies with a jinglies for your next outfit for Belly Dancing or Zumba.

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