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Culture Of Tangier

There is a very rich culture present in the city streets of the city known as Tangier and also the culture and historical bonds of the city and the people living are really very strong. There were a number of religions that were followed by the people of Tangier in the ancient history and the people following these religions were living quite merrily together. And this was perhaps the key factor of bringing in the attention of the foreign people who later immigrated in this city to live after the time and settle down. The culture was a very masterful blend between the religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism to talk about the major ones.

The minorities also had their say in the matters of importance and these minorities left behind some of their cultures and values as well. As time passed the people became more accustomed to each other and also to the immigrants who decided to stay settled in this peaceful little city. There was a very famous grand artist Henry Matisse lived in Tangier for some time that brought attention to the art and to the amazing city itself in front of the entire world. Matisse’s painting, window at Tangier is a beautiful, bright and colorful piece of art renowned worldwide. Virtual Tangier, Visions of the city is another famous painting by the Fauvist painter Matisse.

After art pursuits of Matisse, many other artists started to come over here in this city to gain knowledge and to get the perfect expertise and extensive knowledge about the art. The art of ripping colors apart and amalgamating them into soft and harsh divine ambiences was only a trait considered to be masterful in the hands of the artists and painters of Tangier and this was a very big reason that people came from all around the world to seek information and knowledge about these masterful blending of colors and artistic shapes and also to reassure themselves of their abilities by watching the master pieces of the lost legends of Art and craftsman ship. Everything relating to Tangier is indeed very mystique and charming.Pertaining to the City’s history of multicultural rulers, we see a blend of cultures in every aspect. This blend of culture is explored by various painters, writers and film makers adding to the development of cultural essence.

A blend of languages is spoken in Tangier. Arabic and French are used as official languages. Spanish and English are understood in many areas. Many common people speak in Moroccan language Darija, hence adding to the multicultural background. In literary circles, Tangier is famous for producing great authors and writers. There is a list of authors using Tangier as a mystic beauty in their stories. Many poems are written on the sensuous city. Many films are made in Tangier. Inception, a famous movie of 2010 was made in Tangier. Many movies are made on the culture of Tangier. Tangier is attracted by many dancers and musicians as well. Scholars like Ibn -e-batutta hailed from Tangier.

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