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Choose Your Dream Home From Islamorada Condos For Sale

If you have made the decision to purchase a home in the Florida Keys, you have probably already visited numerous times and fallen in love with the place. Some people live there all year round while others own vacation homes they enjoy during certain times. Islamorada condos for sale vary wildly in price and amenities. When you start your search for a place to live here, you will have a multitude of choices.

Islamorada, FL is not a traditional town at all in the way most people think of towns. It is actually a series of six islands strung together into an incorporated area. With its access to the Atlantic, it is a preferred destination for the most experienced fishermen who come here to challenge the marine wildlife so prevalent in this part of the ocean. You can catch sharks, and even taste the meat in one of the many fine restaurants that specialize in fresh seafood.

If cost is a factor in your decision to purchase a condominium in the area, you are probably looking at a one bedroom and one bath with about five hundred square feet for about two hundred thousand dollars or more. These types of condos are usually used as weekend retreats and as rental properties. While older, they tend to be in good shape with many having been remodeled.

For about twice that amount of money, you might be able to purchase an older, three bedroom, two bath condominium. You probably won\’t have ocean views, but there are sometimes properties located on salt water lagoons in this price range.

As you get closer to the million dollar range, you will be able to look at properties that have ocean views. Some may actually be located on the Atlantic. The living areas may be small, but if you are more interested in the amenities, pools, golfing, gourmet dining, and fitness areas could be part of the package. Many buy these types of homes to rent to vacationers during the year. Tourists do not mind paying for the chance to stay in residences located right on the beach.

For those who are willing to spend more than a million dollars on first class accommodations, there may be some new construction available to look at. You can probably choose from several floor plans, and decide which floor of the complex you want to live on. These homes generally have direct access to beaches and the ocean. It is possible to get a three bedroom for just under eight hundred square feet.

If you are dreaming about a penthouse on one of the islands and have around five million dollars to spend, there could be a condo for you to look at. It will probably boast oceanfront luxury accommodations with covered parking for multiple cars and several boat docks. Full time security, tennis courts, pools, and concierge service are not unusual amenities in these complexes.

For those who love the idea of living on the ocean with warm weather all year long, the Florida Keys is the place to be. Most people can only dream of attaining this lifestyle.

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