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Capital Allowance Consultants

Portal Tax Claims LLP is a firm of capital allowance consultants. We offer terms that few other industries, if any at all, can match. For example, which industry offers to do the work free unless it can find value to the extent of ?25,000 for you? That is exactly what we do; we’ll survey your property and unless we can find capital allowance claims to that extent, our report is free to you.

There are huge amounts of unclaimed capital allowances on property in UK. This happens mainly because computing capital allowances on property is quite complex, requiring more than accounting and taxation expertise. Capital allowance on building cannot be based on the entire purchase price of the building but has to be claimed on the value of specific fixtures.

Valuing fixtures that form an integral part of the building is far from simple when you have paid a single price for building and the fixtures that came with it. Valuing them correctly requires specialist valuation expertise. That is what we bring to work with your existing advisors and help you claim the full amount of capital allowances you are entitled to.

We are capital allowances consultants who focus in that area, and thus have gained a great deal of practical experience as well as familiarity with the thinking of tax authorities on what is allowable and what is not. It is this kind of familiarity that allows specialists deliver superior value to their customers. (When you are working in a field for any length of time, you gain insights that are just simply not available to amateurs.)

We do not seek to replace your existing accounting and taxation consultants. Instead, we work with them to deliver value to our customers. With no upfront fees and no separate survey fee, you will find our terms surprising affordable. Particularly because you won’t pay anything unless we can identify substantial tax savings opportunities for you.

As experienced capital allowance consultants with a 100 percent success rate, we are confident that we can quickly identify substantial tax saving opportunities and deliver value that will surprise you!

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