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BlogCommentDemon: 5 Ideas to Increase Targeted Blog Traffic and Backlinks

If you have got a website then you need traffic and links. Blog commenting is a good approach to build up tons of highly targeted traffic and links to your website or blog, and the best part is it’s absolutely free. The down side is that blog commenting takes a massive amount of time and consistent effort before you see results. BlogCommentDemon is a tool that aids you to be more dynamic when it comes to blog commenting.

In this article we are going to share five tips that will help you increase targeted traffic and backlinks to your blog using BlogCommentDemon to do blog commenting.

Generate a list of the top blogs in your niche
You can do a search using blog search engines such as technorati, blog catalog, or Google’s blog search. Then you’ll wish to rank these blogs in order of their page rank, number of followers and how many comments they acquire each day. If you are doing this by hand that can take hours or even days. With BlogCommentDemon you can have that data after entering in your keywords and clicking a button.

Does the blog have do-follow or no-follow links?
Do-follow links pass some of the ‘link juice’ from the page rank of their site to the site they link to. No-follow links do not pass the same level of link juice, but your human visitors don’t know the distinction. If you can spot good do-follow blogs go ahead and comment on them, but by no means ignore no-follow blogs. BlogCommentDemon will direct you in its search results which type of links each blog has making it easier to resolve where to center your efforts.

Link to relevant content within your blog.
Don’t just link to your home page, but also link to specific posts that have the most relevant keywords to the blog you are commenting on. Deep linking is good for SEO and it entices readers to fall in to your blog beyond the home page.

Spamming just wastes your time and the bloggers time.
you’ve seen spam comments like, “cool blog,” or “nice post.” If you want your effort to get a link to be rewarded then don’t waste your time or the host’s time by leaving empty, spammy comments because they will only delete them.

Leave valuable comments.
Read the post. Find something that resonates with you and comment on it. Move the conversation forward, add a tidbit of your knowledge without being a show-off, and add value by giving another point of view without flaming or being disagreeable or rude. Take the opportunity to pique reader’s interest and then draw them to your blog to find the rest of the story.

Follow these ideas and establish a consistent schedule for blog commenting and before you know it you will not only see the fruits of your efforts by getting more traffic and links, but you will establish relationships with the blogs that you often comment on. Those blogs that have the usual commentator’s plugins will reward your efforts by featuring your comments in a special widget on the front page. Try BlogCommentDemon and establish a win-win for you and the blogs you comment on.

Want to learn more about BlogCommentDemon and how it can help you locate the best blogs to comment on? Check out, http://mcreasite.com/BlogCommentDemon, today and grab your free videos and report.

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