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Blog Commenting: How to Boost Free Traffic and Backlinks to Your Blog Using BlogCommentDemon

Blog commenting is a great technique to bring in free traffic and backlinks to your blog, but how can blog commenting be made simpler and more convenient? BlogCommentDemon is a productivity tool that saves you time and effort allowing you to find the best blogs to comment on and bringing them to you in a convenient batch so that you can pick the best ones to comment on right away.

But let’s take a step back and look at why blog commenting is so prevailing. Leaving comments on high page rank blogs is a very productive approach to build up high quality, relevant, one-way links to your website. If you leave an compelling, thought-provoking comment, you might also bring in some traffic back to your blog as other visitors follow the link to see what else you have to say on the topic.

The bottom line is this. Blog commenting is adopted since it is free and because it works. But blog commenting has one troublesome disadvantage to it. It’s incredibly time consuming. Just think about it. You’ve first got to find the best, most in demand blogs that are meaningful to your keywords. Then you’ve got to try to figure out if they are ‘do-follow’ or ‘no-follow’ blogs. With a do-follow blog, some of the page rank or link juice from the blog will be moved to the website it links to. A no-follow blog does not pass much link juice at all. But human visitors can follow either kind of link just as easily, so that distinction will not impact your human visitors just the search engine spiders.

Google loves blogs since they feed them exactly what they are searching for-keyword optimized content that is already categorized and tagged. When you leave a comment on a well-known blog whose posts get dozens of comments, then your link is visible and you bring in traffic.

But if you use your time probing for the best blogs you will not have time for much else. That is why you need BlogCommentDemon to slash the amount of time needed to post your comments and create links.

You might be thinking that all software like this does is make it easier to spam blogs. If that is what you are thinking about BlogCommentDemon, then you are missing the point. Even if you utilize this powerful, time saving software to find high page rank, related blogs, if you spam them they will delete your comment thus entirely wasting your time and effort. In order to be effective, your blog comments must be substantial and thoughtful, show that you actually read the post and have something meaningful to say to move the dialogue forward. A spammy, “nice blog” comment only reflects poorly on you, so if you wish to have a good back link, that a minute and leave a comment that shows your knowledge of the topic and that you’ve got something to contribute.

Commenting on blogs is the best move to get a considerable number of free, relevant, high page rank links to your blog or website. Using a tool like BlogCommentDemon helps boost your productivity and lets you be more dynamic at getting your work done so that you can swiftly move on to other tasks.

If you want to give Blog Comment Demon a try visit, http://mcreasite.com/BlogCommentDemon, and grab your free videos and report today that will show you how easy it is to use this powerful software to get free, targeted traffic and backlinks to your website.

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