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“Bicycle Clown” 6 years along 80,000 km of 60 countries spread the laughter – “

dangerous, vulnerable, powerless wholesale mac cosmetics , which is often encountered in travel, but with the enthusiasm of good people along the way compared to the difficulties insignificant.” Neil Speaking the experience of several narrowly escaped death when the understatement, whether fatal brain malaria, the threat of the soldier-bandits, rubbing shoulders with death car accident, or suffered toxic black tree cobra. “Life is short and beautiful, worth the risk.” Neil said he would remember that people do not seek anything in return for their generous grant and assistance. Neil bike has become the most intimate partners. “Now I am in Beijing, my bike in Shanghai, I would feel lost an arm.” Neil said. But the bike is also in trouble, in Mongolia, because of mechanical failure, can not find replacement parts, Neil had to push the bike a day and a half, the last ride back to Ulaanbaatar. 5 months ago, Neil choose from Laos into China, more than 2200 km trip focused on the rich ethnic customs of Yunnan, Sichuan and Gansu. “Some places are too remote, no hotels and shops, the locals gave me food, so I can continue to travel.” Now, Neil will stay in Shanghai for about 3 months to write his fourth book. This book is tentatively entitled “From Cairo to Shanghai: the road along the Smile”, mainly about the last 3 years of Middle East and Asia trip. “I originally planned to use 80 months to complete the world tour, but now may be more time. Finish this book, I will leave for South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and Australia and New Zealand, Argentina, South America may be write my fifth book. “Neil about his next project. “I might need 7 years to finish the Oceania, the Americas and Europe, and finally returned to Spain. I used to say back home, and now I go back to Spain, because I have become accustomed to a cosmopolitan.” Neil said, 6 years He had never been back home, Spain has instead become a strange country, waiting for him to develop. Xinhua Beijing on Nov. 5 (Xinhua Lin Ruxuan) from feast to a stretched travelers lawyers, from the stereotype of the “Trapper” to the cosmopolitan backpackers, bike Spaniards Alvaro Neil Around the world, 6 years through 60 countries, 84,000 km journey, he arrived in China today, but his “Smile Around the world” program is far from over. Neil, 43, self-proclaimed “bicycle clown” because of his bicycle transport, the clown is another career outside of his lawyer. 6 years, Neil has organized free performances in 55 games for nearly twenty thousand from prison, refugee camps, orphanages, people brought laughter. “My job is to bring people laughter, let them live a more relaxed, more happy.” Neil in Beijing, told Xinhua in an interview. Neil mission is to awaken people to the other the courage to dream. “People should not be a slave to work, if you have a dream, the courage to practice it!” Neil said. He is also to do so. October 2001, he gave up the lawyer notary office in Madrid, and began 18-month bicycle adventure in South America, and has since branched out. November 19, 2004, after a year of preparation, Neil start again. From Spain north to the south, along the south west coast of Africa, then north from the east coast, then into the Middle East, all the way to the East moving.

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