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The city of Barrie is a great place to start a small or medium-sized business, especially considering the fact, that in 2009 the Barrie city council reviewed the business licensing process and simplified the application procedure. Before requesting for the license, you have to think about several major issues.

At the first place, determine what business structure you prefer. There are three options available for Barrie business: sole-proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. The sole-proprietorship means that the only one person owns and runs the business, therefore, gets all the profits and carries the risks of losses and debts. In partnership all the profits and responsibility lie on two or more individuals, that decided to cooperate for achieving mutual goals and satisfying mutual interests. The term corporation stands for a separate legal entity, that is run by directors. The corporation has its own rights and liabilities, separate from those of its members.

Secondly, you might want to create a business plan and follow it along the way, however, it is not obligatory, when you ally for business license.

The third step is to run a Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search. It will help you to find out, if the name you chose has been already taken by another company or trademark. After the name search will be completed and paid for, you’ll get a confirmation, that needs to be added to the registration form.

After that, in order to register the Barrie business, you need to submit the registration form either online or at the Greater Barrie Enterprise Centre and pay the registration fee. Keep in mind, that if you need to register a corporation, you also have to fulfill an Articles of Incorporation application and pay a somewhat higher fee.

When you register, in order to run your Barrie business, you might need to get an additional license, which depends on the type of business you’re starting. Even though the number of businesses, that require licensing was significantly reduced, for many of them you still have to get this document.

The Barrie business gets supported in many different ways by the Government, City Council and community. If you meet the particular requirements, you can get a Government grant, loan or financing. Besides, there are municipal programs, directed on Barrie business stimulation in particular areas, such as Allandale Centre, the Georgian College Neighborhood and the Downtown Barrie. If you’re planning to improve the functionality of existing buildings, improve the facades or develop the vacant areas, you can apply for the grant or loan.

There are also plenty of business networking groups, where you can find a support from people, which are not only interested in success of their own Barrie business, but can help you to succeed as well.

Moreover, the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce annually awards Barrie’s best companies that contribute to the regional economic development.

If you plan on starting or expanding a Barrie business and becoming a part of the city’s active community, there are so many opportunities for you to become prosperous.

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