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Areas Of Concern For A Des Moines House Inspector

It is important for residential real estate buyers to consider a professional inspection to determine the habitability of properties. Only government certified professionals are permitted to give a valid inspection report. Also, it is important for property owners to pay particular attention to these areas in their properties when repairing. Any dysfunction in these areas may warrant a call for the withdrawal of a certificate of compliance. The certificate of occupancy may also be temporarily suspended until the property is repaired. This article highlights the common areas of concern for a Des Moines house inspector.

They inspect the plumbing. The plumbing system is the life blood of any property used by the public. It includes the water supply system, sanitary facilities and the waste water management systems. It is imperative the property owners and sellers have their houses connected to the main water supply system. The water in supply must be clean and safe or public use. The sanitary facilities must also be devoid of infection. These include the sinks, showers and toilet bowls. More importantly the drainage unit must be fully functional. Any leakages or blockages must be attended by an expert. Inspect the water reservoirs and other connection issues such as back siphoning or cross connection.

Also look out for the architecture of the building. It must be stable enough for the operations in the facility. There are industry-set standards for construction material and models which are stable. The experts will investigate the material used in construction. Even so, over time of existence a house may succumb to weather damages. Look out for cracks on the walls and swelling on wooden floors and walls. Biological damages over time, compromises the integrity of the structure.

Check the electrical connections for any misplaced connections. Note that naked wires are a risk to the whole property. Ensure that all these connections are correctly done. Look out for dysfunctional switches and sockets. Also, inspect the underground wiring.

Also consider the security of the property. Check the window latches, door bolts and knobs. These doors and windows must also be lockable. Their sealing and hinges must all be intact. Avoid risking property and human safety by leaving access point to intruders. It is also important for owners to consider solid waste management systems. Poor solid waste management mechanisms expose houses to rodents and other pest infestation.

Heating, ventilation and air condition systems must also be functional. A property without a functioning AC may be rendered inhabitable. The HVAC unit ensures that the internal temperatures are controlled during extreme climatic conditions. Hot summers may cause heat strokes, while occupants may freeze to death in winter.

More importantly, a good property for habitation must be distaste prepared. Disasters include flooding fires and hurricanes. Fire safety kit must be within all living quarters in a commercial residential building such as an apartment. The planning of the building must allow for fire exits and external fire extinguishers. It must allow for access to the building.

Property inspection specialists are available for private hire. They determine the safety of properties for habitation. They ensure that only properties which meet the compliance requirements have an occupancy permit. The property must have sound electrical and plumbing systems. They must be safe from intrusion and the effect of harsh climatic conditions. Also, they must be able to mitigate the damages caused by fires. It is critical that the property has good solid waste management systems.

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