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Are you aware the planet pandora bracelet any muffin gentleman

Small ocean faster car, I suddenly asked down, and then grinning for the horse six: “Daddy, I want to say a word to you two sisters?”
“There is much to say, go home now!” Six horses surprised a moment.
“Well no no Well, I told them to say hello back, my father, let me go to it!” Small hard little face lengthy plea Road.
Six horses no choice but to shun him, on the side of Yansu Ying said: “You take this little ancestors in!”
“No, I’m going to a person in, the ocean is very sensible, but not wandered off of here!” Lengthy and quickly ran away.
Shenmeng Han was there sulking, while the Wu Meijuan no longer speak out of turn and suddenly see the ocean ran in, they are surprised a moment.
Lengthy run Shenmeng Han’s side, grinning, said: “Sister, Do you want me to tell you a secret?”
Shen Menghan six horses angry again, can not hate on this lovely house of children and Wu, smiled and nodded and said: “Well, children.”
Ocean conspire Shenmeng Han’s ear grinning, said: “In fact, he is not my father, my father’s dry matter, hee hee, but the ocean is very like him, he very, very good friends of the ocean, if he really My father is like, oh can not tell others. ”
“What? You dry his father?” Shen Menghan heart startled, relieved, his face showing a trace of doubt.
“What? He is not your father, the children can be allowed to chamilia beads lie Oh? Is not your father tell you to come say?” Wumei Juan is surprised a moment.
Ocean’s some ugly little face suddenly becomes a she grumbles said: “They will not lie, the teacher said, lying children will be wolves to eat, people with good intentions you say a secret, you also suspect that people I do not play with you! ”
See the ocean turned to grumbles run away, two women looked at each other.
Ocean back to the car, six horses there and asks: “ocean, you say what with my sister?”
“Secret.” Face lengthy resume immediately, grinning Road.
Six with Yansu Ying Ma is completely silent, so how this precocious child, but also a secret too!
The mood at this time Shenmeng Han suddenly seems much better, while drinking cola, the gall of a smile, while the Wu Meijuan look in the eyes, stop sighing.
“Have you committed any nerves?” Shen Menghan see Wumei Juan has been in that sigh, and some could not help, ask.
Wu Meijuan tan breath, said: “Dream Han, you love on him, you finished!”
Shen Menghan a red face, heart startled, denied that and said: “No, absolutely not.”
Saying this time, Shen Menghan heart but it is still a little vain.


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