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Arai Motorcycle Helmets by Helmet Industry

Arai is one of the most recognize helmet brand out there, so popular and recognizable that they are practically on a whole new level comparing to their competitors. Founded in 1926 by Hirotake Arai, it is now in its third generation and currently run by Hirotake Arai’s son Michio “Mitch” Arai. Unlike big companies that are run by board members with the goal of more profit and lower production cost, Arai on the other hand is a small company run by family members that have a singular goal and excellence. If you are looking for a new helmet, you might be asking yourself, does it really matter which brand of helmets I get? And Can there really be such a big difference between Arai and the others?

The answer is both Yes and No. While there are certainly many varieties of helmets you can choose from, there is ultimately one and only one Arai brand out there. Arai since its founding day have devoted 3 generation of a singular goal of being better than the rest. All of Arai’s helmet easily meets and exceeds many of the safety standards out there. Not only do they meet DOT and SNELL standard, they also meet ECE and the Japanese safety standard for helmets. Arai produces products of constant innovation blending the perfect marriage between functionality, safety technology and race-inspired design. Today Arai offers a full line of both street and off-road motorcycle helmets which can be seen worn by top professional riders such as Nicky Hayden, Dani Pedrosa and Noriyuki Haga at the tracks.

Updated for the 2011 riding season are the Corsair-V and Vector-2 street helmet. The Corsair-V is Arai’s top of the line helmet. Taking helmet made for the track and basically designing a street version of it and bringing it to the retail level so that everyone can have a chance to own the exclusive helmet. Upgraded from the Corsair-RX7, the Corsair-V is pack with new features that its older sibling did not have. In addition to the Corsair-V, the Vector-2 from Arai is also a new addition to the street helmet line up that is price moderately so that if you can’t afford the more expensive Corsair-V, the Vector-2 will make up for that. However, don’t think that just because one cost more than the other that there is a safety difference between the two, contrary to that both meets and exceeds the same safety standard.

And it doesn’t really matter if you are financially fit to get the more exclusive Corsair-V or the Vector-2 because getting any Arai helmet is still nonetheless an Arai helmet that you will be getting. Their reputation and recognition is a result of producing 100 % of their helmet by man power. Each of their helmet is crafted by hand and does not leaves their facility until it is check by a technician that have years of experience. This experience doesn’t come easy, sometimes taking more than 5 years before they are able to even try to craft their own Arai helmet. As a result of this rigorous process, Arai employed only 15 master technicians to craft their helmets.

This shows you how exclusive an Arai helmet really is. Arai alone has the experience, the quality and the trust that truly set them apart, offering products that are of constant innovation between functionality, safety, and design since 1926 with it focus squarely on the evolution of quality and safety without exception. To back that up all of Arai’s helmet comes with a 5 year warranty policy that few other brands can afford to do and willing to do to back their own products.

To read more about Arai Motorcycle Helmets, visit the website: http://www.helmetindustry.com/

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