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Angry Birds Rio Golden Beachball Unlock

Weird error (caught on video): For some people once you unlock the Golden Beachball levels which were found to have 17 of 15 melons. If you watch the video below closely you can see the change of mind after the return of FujiToast the previous episode selection screen Beachball gold.

Currently there are no results available in Beachball of gold (this is made possible to keep secret).

If you have problems Rovio and Fox seems to have an email address dedicated support: [email protected]

Instructions for IOS and Android devices Watch DVD insert instructions

To unlock the new episode that has to find the Beachball of gold hidden in an existing level (tutorial video below). You do not have to enter a code. This works in Rio Angry Angry River Birds and bird free (from the v1.2.0 update).

1) Angry Bird Launching Rio Beach Volley select and head to the level of 6.13. In Rio Free Bird head Angry at 3-2.

2) Now you have to drop a bird deep beneath the platform as shown in the video below (click here for instructions on graphics). To do this lightly reverse a red bird and fire it almost straight up. You want to fall into the crack right in front of the sling, but you??ll need enough strength to shoot a little. Once you drop the bird in the opening below the Golden Beachball sling window (which is not visible until you get your bird there.) If your bird has enough speed to be transferred to her.

3) Once you hit levels now available. Go back to the level selection screen and move to the left to reach new levels!

Instructions for PC and Mac View DVD insert instructions

Note, before this works on the Mac update should be released. I guess this happens soon. It is likely that pending approval from Apple.

If you already have the latest version (v1.2.2) for PC Rio Angry Birds . If you have not, you have to installed the head to download.angrybirds.com and download and install it.

Now the release Angry River birds and click ??Redeem Code?? and enter the code found in the flyer that came in the copy of DVD or Blu-ray in Rio.

Attention: Rovio, this code will only work once, so make sure your entry on the computer that wants to play. Also, if you buy the film digitally ?C ie through iTunes ?C will not receive a code to consider.

Once after activating the code levels Beachball Golden opens.

To find out more about “Angry Birds Rio Golden Beachball Walkthroughs“, Visit the website: http://www.angrybirdsguru.com/

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