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American Bulldog Breeders Oklahoma Natives Turn To For Advice

Many pet owners love their animals as much as other members of their families. A lot of these individuals have had their cats and dogs since infancy and have shared good and bad times with them. A lot of dog lovers feel most comfortable with big, athletic animals that can share hiking, swimming, running and the other activities associated with an active lifestyle. You can turn to American bulldog breeders Oklahoma natives recommend if you are considering purchasing one of these puppies.

These bulldogs look intimidating to many. They are large, powerful animals, but they are also playful and generally love people. Sometimes they get confused with Pit Bulls and English Bulldogs. They are neither. Their English cousins are far shorter and have stocky torsos. The Americans have long legs and an athletic build. Pit Bulls are not as sturdy and the heads are very different from the American breed.

Americans were bred for violent sports many years ago, and some retain elements of aggression. Breeders should be able to give you a genetic analysis of the line your puppy comes from. What is still a characteristic of most of these animals is their instinctive dislike of cats. They are not compatible unless raised together, and even then you should be cautious. American Bulldogs are not fond of other dogs either. If you have two males in your household, you are probably going to have conflict.

Nowata, OK residents who live in apartments, condominiums, or small houses with limited access to a yard may want to look for some other breed. These are active animals and must have plenty of room. They need several hours of vigorous activity every day. Bulldogs make great farm animals and will also do well in large homes with big, enclosed backyards.

Owners of bulldogs will probably be happy to share horror stories about attempting to train their pets. These animals are independent and like to have their own way. They do not respond to commands without great patience and consistent rewards. If you get lazy and let them get away with things during the training period, you might as well give up. They are intelligent animals that recognize weakness when they see it.

Grooming them is not a difficult task. They will only require occasional brushing and bathing. Oral hygiene can be an issue with these dogs. Their gums and teeth need regular cleaning to keep their breath fresh. Because they have wrinkled faces, wiping the folds, to keep them from accumulated dirt, is important.

Regular visits to the vet are essential to keep your pet healthy. American Bulldogs do suffer from certain diseases your veterinarian needs to watch out for. Deafness, bone cancer, and thyroid conditions are some of the common ailments that can afflict these dogs. Entropion is an eye problem that can be inherited.

Dogs are the preferred pet for many people. Whether you love little lap dogs or large, active ones, finding the perfect fit can take some time and research.

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