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a pair comfortable brand mbt sport shoes

The first is to write the report. Charlie After nearly month, he mbt online has for the size of the territory of Latvia into resistance forces vanish. Every town has been incorporated into the country under the rule of tw o. Want to do next, is from the outside, new forces take over domestic shophach the kingdom for the long forces, act as the occupation forces.

But Latvia and not a piece of territory dance and wine. Charlie recent results is destroyed more than five thousand Latvia residual forces captured hundreds of people, the results only, most of which or badly hurt. Most of the time, the surrounded Latvia soldiers fought to the last man. Charlie worry, I’m afraid I will be in a long time, to maintain the principality in the new occupied territory, a large garrison to deal with will appear resistance strength. According to preliminary estimates, Charlie occupation forces need at least fifty mbt staka sandals thousand or so, still need to ten thousand elite mobile force. The thunder of the national strength, o nations must be a heavy burden.

Charlie another point is that ZhongXiaJi officer of qualified extremely deficient. ZhongXiaJi officer training outside in the military academy, two kinds of methods. He suggested several method, on the one hand, and in parallel domestic set up special training junior officers selected a group of military academies, on the one hand, loyal and brave the officer sent to the chains LuoFeiKe empire training.

The second seal documents is Diane son mbt kifundo sent o. The royal family in looted Latvia, after the collapse of national strength, ray to finally get a rest. Preliminary statistics the kingdom Treasury, Latvia, Diane son estimate could at least make huge war machine, ray again running over a year. This crazy woman immediately made a new arms plan will ray’s army to, all armed to the teeth. But to have strong power, o son of Diana, in some ways do long-term vision, she made a huge arms improvement plan, ready to establish national gold fund heavily principality, developed with a big new laboratory equipment and the war of magic machinery.

Rogge eyelid a jump, the principality of national gold laboratory a line for his exciting. No big He couldn’t help to think longingly of war that day in the happy time of hammer. If the laboratory by fischer, who can the alchemist to host, o son of squeezing in Diana, he also mbt tupu don’t know how much will develop the strange things to come.

Finally a letter just is the general’s report TouCheng horn. This article LaoGanJuHua fox a new intelligence network now just taking shape, but has been spending a lot of money. As for the remaining original intelligence, mainly used to support for horn against the activities of the organization. This old fox plan is let resistance groups the accumulation of small victory, wait until they development to a certain scale, the wealth they will spread to everywhere in or Ming or dark resistance molecules together, and then to devastating mbt jawabu beige blow. So although can’t guarantee completely destroyed the resistance movement, but it would let them weakened, ten years eight years recover from large-scale activities. These time horn in Latvia, believe rogge rule must have firm cannot break.

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